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The IOBB is not part of the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is a non-government corporation who charges very large annual fees for companies to become affiliated with them. They have no affiliation with the federal or any local governments.

The International Online Business Bureau provides a way for consumers to substitute the BBB with an honest approach about a company's legitimacy. By charging such large annual fees the BBB actually hinders it's own ability to provide up-to-date information to consumers. By making our dues considerably lower more companies can join The IOBB, and provide us current information, allowing us to keep the consumer informed on the company's practices. Although any company may join with The IOBB our focus is mainly on web-based businesses.

The International Online Business Bureau keeps a vast database of businesses from around the globe. The IOBB gives the consumer another layer of information to assist in a decision to do business with a company. If a company is not a member of The IOBB we can provide a level of research through investigative tools to assist the consumer in their decision process.  

If a consumer is in need of some extra information about a company simply use our COMPANY LOOKUP tool. In event that any consumer has had a negative experience with a company we provide a COMPLAINT form to fill out. The IOBB will then contact the company for the consumer, to address the issue. If a company fails to fulfill their obligations to the consumer The IOBB will inform the public through an unfavorable rating. If the consumer has had a positive experience with a company we provide a Testimonial form. This is a feature used to promote positivity instaed of only dealing with negativity. All claims either positive or negative will be investigated by The IOBB before a company's status is changed.

"There is no reason to ever do business blind again!!"
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